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Hunt Of A Lifetime

Hunt of a Lifetime
Back in 2007 the NH Legislature passed HR657 (House Resolution). The gist of the proposal was to provide hunting adventures to NH residents 21 years or younger, with life threatening, critical or terminal illnesses. The licenses or permits would be issued to Hunt of a Lifetime and distributed to two chosen designee. The first Hunt of a Lifetime in NH took place October 1, 2008 and 2013 marks the 6th year of the program. To find out more about the NH Hunt of a Lifetime visit

The Hunt of a Lifetime is currently looking for applicants! See the press release below for more information.

Hunt of a Lifetime – Press Release

2012 Hunt of a Lifetime
2012 NH Hunt of a Lifetime – Teagan HouseThe 2012 Hunt of a Lifetime has ended successfully! Farmington Fish & Game Club’s honorary member, Teagan House, shot an 800 pound bull moose with a 52.5″ rack, in the rainy cold of Pittsburg, NH. This all started with Strafford County Sheriff Wayne Estes m

eeting Teagan at a MDA Fundraiser and asking if he would be interested in The Hunt of a Lifetime. After being accepted to go on the moose hunt, the preparation began. Farmington Fish & Game Club made him an honorary member so he could learn to shoot the .308 Thompson Center Arms customized rifle. New Durham Chief Shawn Bernier and Sheriff Wayne Estes volunteered their time to instruct Teagan on the use of the rifle as well as accompanied him to Pittsburg, NH. Keith Joyce of Crystal Ridge Guide Services of Pittsburg volunteered his services for the hunt, Jessica Roberge donated the use of the handicapped accessible camp which allowed Teagan easy access with his Chappel Tractor donated an electric wheelchair on tracks.

Dressed in his Cabela’s Mossy Oak hunting gear, it wasn’t until late Sunday that Teagan was able to bring down a moose and he did it all himself! The moose went down in some brush and was recovered early the next morning, much to Teagan’s relief as he was concerned the coyotes would get to it first. A butcher in Berwick, Maine and a Taxidermist in Wakefield, NH processed the moose within a few days. This was an effort by many dedicated and unselfish people and businesses. You can bet the volunteers had as big a smile on their faces as did Teagan. Hunt of a Lifetime is currently accepting applications for the 2013 hunting season. For more info visit