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64 Old Bay Road New Durham, NH 03855

Farmington Fish and Game Club, Inc.
Constitution and By-laws

Revised 3/9/2022


Article I – Club Name 

The Club shall be known as the Farmington Fish and Game Club, Inc. 

Article II – Club Objectives 

The object of this Club is to further the interest of the sportsman in regard to the rod, bow and gun, to act and to participate in propagation and conservation of all wildlife and the forests and streams in which they live; to participate in and enjoy all legal forms of outdoor recreation. 

Article III – Definition of Officers, Directors, Executive Committee, Annual Meeting 

The Officers shall be; a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Membership Coordinator. There shall also be a minimum of six, maximum of twelve Directors. Each past President of the Club shall be a member of the Board of Directors to serve a period of one year, so that his/her experience may be fully utilized. 

The duties of the first five named Officers shall be those usually incident to such Officers. There shall be no limitation for number of terms of office. 

The Officers and Directors shall constitute the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee, which shall meet at the call of the President, shall plan and direct the work of the Club, and act for it between regular meetings of the Club. Seven members of the Executive Committee or 10% of the membership in good standing shall constitute a quorum.

Election of Officers and Directors shall be held at the Annual Meeting in March, and the election to be by majority vote. Any Club member meeting eligibility requirements may run for any position on the Executive Committee. Those wishing to run for a position shall make their intent known to the Executive Committee in writing by the February meeting to get their name on the ballot for the March Annual Meeting. Members meeting the requirements may then run for a vacant position or against an incumbent member at the March meeting. All vacancies that occur during the year shall be filled by majority vote of the Executive Committee and presented to the Club at a regular meeting. 

Article IV – Membership Eligibility 

Any person may become a member of this Club by paying dues for the current year and completing the new member or renewal requirements.  Any member of this Club convicted of breaking the Fish and Game laws of this or any other state may be expelled from the membership by a majority vote of the Executive Committee. 

Eligibility requirements of members to be considered for Club Officer positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Membership Coordinator shall be as follows: 

  •      Be a member of this Club for a period of at least three consecutive years prior to being nominated. 
  •      Been a member of the Board of Directors for at least one year of the previous three years. 
  •      Must have attended half of the monthly meetings the previous year. 

Eligibility requirements for a position on the Board of Directors, shall be as follows: 

  •      Been a member of this Club for at least the previous one year prior to being nominated. 
  •      Must have attended half of the monthly meetings the previous year. 

Article V- Format of Meetings, Annual Reports 

The Officers will be in charge of all Club meetings and arrange the program and present necessary reports on the work of the Club and its committees. Annual Reports of all Officers and standing Committees shall be presented at the Annual Meeting before the elections of Officers. 

Article VI – Annual Dues and Membership Categories 

The Annual Dues shall be set and changed as required by the Executive Committee and membership renewal dues to be paid annually. 

Classification of Membership: 

  •      Regular Membership (18 – 61 years) 
  •      Life Membership (20 consecutive years of membership) (No-Fee) 
  •      Senior Citizen Membership (62 years or older) 
  •      Family Membership (Spouse and children under 18) 
  •      Executive Committee Member or active Range Officer (No-Fee) 

Article VII – Meeting Quorum 

Seven members of the Executive Committee or 10% of the membership in good standing shall constitute a quorum and no business shall be transacted unless a quorum is present. 

Article VIII – Income and Expenditures 

The Treasurer shall have the authority to pay all current monthly bills.  All Committees appointed for the express purpose of conducting money raising enterprises shall turn all money raised over to the Treasurer.  In the event the Club is not holding a regular monthly meeting, the Executive Committee shall be empowered to approve all other expenditures before payment. 

Article IX – NH Wildlife Federation Affiliation 

As long as the Farmington Fish and Game Club remains affiliated with the NH Wildlife Federation, there shall be two members, appointed by the Officers, to represent the Club as NHWF delegates, for a period of one year.  Said delegates shall vote at the Federation Meeting as instructed by the Club on all matters affecting the Club’s interests and they shall make every effort to keep the Club informed on matters coming up in the Federation Meetings at least one month in advance.  In case of an emergency, delegates may vote in what they believe are to be the Club’s best interest.  Delegates shall report results of Federation Meetings at the next regular meeting of the Club. 

Article X – Project Spending Approval 

Any project requiring funding over $7500.00 shall not be voted without written notice to all paid members at least seven days before the date of the next regular meeting. Emergency repairs and/or exigent circumstances requiring immediate funding over the $7500.00 amount shall be approved by a majority vote of the Executive Committee and relayed to the members as soon as feasible along with justification for the expenditure. 

All projects requiring funding over $2000.00 shall be required to submit a written itemized estimate of all costs to the Executive Committee along with one or more alternative bids baring sole source justification. Any additional cost of the project must be brought to the attention of the Executive Committee for further action. 

Article XI – Treasury Audit 

It shall be the duty of the President annually to appoint two Auditors, who shall audit the books of the Treasurer, for the previous calendar year, and shall submit an accurate report of such audit in writing at the next meeting. 

Article XII – Membership Resignation or Expulsion 

Any member may resign his or her membership by giving notice in writing to the Executive Committee and the payment of all dues to the date of such resignation.  Every resignation or expulsion of a member shall operate as a forfeiture of his or her property rights in the Club. 

Any member whose conduct shall be decided by a majority vote of the Executive Committee, to have been injurious to the interest or welfare of the Club, shall forfeit his/her membership rights, but such vote shall not be taken without giving the offender two weeks’ notice of the charges against him/her and affording him/her the opportunity of being heard in his/her defense. 

Article XIII – Grounds Rules 

Grounds rules are as posted on the property and website. The Grounds Rules are subject to change at the vote of the Executive Committee. Grounds Rules apply to all members and visitors. 

Article XIV – Parliamentary Procedures 

In the event a situation arises that is not governed by the Club’s By-Laws, we will revert to Roberts Rules of Order, as amended. 

Article XV – Changes to By-Laws 

These By-Laws may be altered or amended by two thirds vote at any meeting of the Club, provided that a written notice of the proposed amendments is provided to each member at least seven days before the date of the meeting. These By-Laws shall be reviewed at the Annual Meeting and a committee will be appointed, if needed.