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64 Old Bay Road New Durham, NH 03835

Statement from Bob Chase, President Farmington Fish and Game Club:

FF&G Range Officers are at the ranges for your safety and the safety of all members. Safety is a priority at our club and due to the high cost of insurance we have to strictly enforce the Range Rules. Many of you have taken an orientation class while some of the older members have not. This is why each year at membership renewal, you sign that you have reviewed all of the FFG&C Rules and agree to abide by these rules.
If a Range Officer sees a violation, he will bring it to your attention and try to have it corrected. If it is what the Club considers a major safety issue, he will do a report and it will go the Chief Range Officer. Range Officers are trained and are aware of all the Club Range Rules and Regulations. If spoken to by a Range Officer DO NOT ARGUE WITH HIM! He will not argue with you and if you persist he will ask you to leave the Range. Failure to do so may result in suspension of your membership or your membership may be terminated.
FF&G Range Officers represent The Club in regards to safety of every member of the Farmington Fish and Game Club.                                                                                      Bob Chase, President Farmington Fish and Game Club