Membership & Renewals Info!

Lots of questions are being asked about becoming a Member and renewing existing Memberships, based on those questions, here is some information:

FF&G Club has 3 member categories: Family, Regular, Senior.

  • Family: typically Dad, Mom (significant other/partner), children age 17 and under.
  • Regular: Age 18 to 61.
  • Senior: 62 & above.

ALL new members are required to attend Orientation prior to receiving their Membership Cards and having access to the Ranges. Family members age 17 & under must be accompanied to the Ranges by an adult Member in good standing. Membership Dues are noted on the application.

1. Renewal letters/notices are NOT sent to Members! Member expiration date is on the Membership Card and it is the Members responsiblity to be aware and renew in a timely manner if desired.

2. If you do not renew your membership by December 31, you have to re-apply, pay the orientation fee and attend an orientation prior to receiving your Membership Card..

3. New member applications have to be voted on at a MEMBERS MEETING which is held the second Wednesday of every month. If you mail your application after that months Members Meeting, your application WILL NOT be voted on until the following month’s Members Meeting. (Members Meetings are listed on the website Calendar.)