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64 Old Bay Road New Durham, NH 03855

Membership Level

You have selected the Senior (new) membership level.

Available to individuals 62 years of age and older.

All new members will be charged a $25.00 orientation fee, which is included in the price shown above. New members will not receive their membership card or be allowed to use club facilities until they have watched the safety orientation video.

The price for membership is $50.00 now.

Membership expires on December 31, 2022.

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Conditions of Membership

If I am joining as a new member, I will complete the club orientation and realize I will not be presented my membership card or have access to club facilities until I do so. Renewing members do not need to attend a club orientation.

I will abide by the Farmington Fish & Game Club’s constitution, bylaws, policies, and all range rules.

I understand that giving out any of the range combinations or lending my membership card to other persons will result in the termination of my membership.

I understand that I must renew my membership by December 31st of each year, otherwise it will be necessary to rejoin/pay and attend another club orientation.

I understand that my information may be verified by a background check at the club’s discretion.

I understand that any misrepresentation on my part on this application or any failure by me to comply with these conditions of membership will result in termination of my membership without any refund of paid fees.

Club Rules & Regulations

1. MUZZLE CONTROL: Muzzles shall be pointed in a safe direction at all times (DOWN RANGE).

2. TRIGGER FINGER DISCIPLINE: Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.

3. No shooting before 9AM, all shooting must cease at SUNSET (ZERO TOLERANCE).

4. Memebers are required to have their membership cards displayed (on person) while on ranges.

5. Members may be required to produce an ID with a membership card by club officials.

6. Only MEMBERS and SUPERVISED GUESTS are permitted on ranges (limit of 2 guests per day).

7. Guest passes are required (purchased online), members are 100% responsible for their guests.

8. Members and guests must sign in and out of ranges (for pattern range, use rifle range sheet).

9. Alcohol and drugs are prohibited on club property, tobacco and smoking is not allowed on ranges.

10. Shooters shall be at least 18 years old, shooters age 7 and older shall be highly supervised, no shooting by anyone under age 7 is permitted.

11. Eye and ear protection must be won by EVERYONE while on the ranges.

12. NO food or un-capped/un-covered beverages are allowed on ranges.

13. The reg range flag must be raised when a range is in use (First up, Last Down).

14. Uncontrolled or unsafe behavior by a member or guest may result in revocation of membership.

15. It is incumbent upon members to act responsibly; any unsafe act shall be reported to the club.

16. Clean up after yourself, this includes spent casings, targets, and firing stations.

17. All firearms shall be made safe and clear (UNLOADED) and visibly displayed in such configuration (actions open, magazines removed, safeties on) then grounded on benches or racks prior to ANYONE going down range.

18. There shall be no HANDLING OF FIREARMS OR AMMUNITION while people are down range (STEP BACK BEHIND THE RED LINE).

19. Firearms shall be unloaded prior to leaving firing lanes unless securely holstered.

20. Only static/stationary shooting positions are allowed (no moving while shooting or oher "tactical" maneuvers).

21. Only one shooter is permitted per firing lane (a trainer/observer is allowed).

22. No cross-lane shooting is permitted (lane 1 uses target 1, lane 2 uses target 2...).

23. Do not exchange firearms between firing lanes (you move, not the firearm).

24. Upon the command of "CEASE FIRE", stop all shooting immediately, ground firearms, and step back (anyone can call a cease fire).

25. Always be courteous to other shooters (one hour time limit on ranges if others are waiting).

26. No fully automatic firing (incluing bump firing, binary trigger use, or other such rapid-fire device) is permitted on club property.

27. Tracer and incendiary ammunition is prohibited.

28. Rimfire rifles are permitted at both rifle and pistol ranges.

29. Air, pellet and BB guns are only permitted on the pistol range.

30. Black powder and muzzle loading firearms are permitted on their respective ranges.

31. Commonly accepted rifle calibers shall only be fired on the rifle range regardless of barrel length.

32. Any pistol, revolver, or shotgun with a barrel over 10" shall only be used on the rifle range.

33. Hunting and long-range target pistols may be used on the rifle range.

34. Bird shot and buck shot is ONLY permitted to be shot at the pattern range (including .410 ga).

35. Paper targets ONLY to be placed on provided target stands (no metal or explosive targets).

36. The archery range (no broadheads), skeet range, running deer range, and club function range have other specific posted rules and exceptions.

37. Skeet range, running deer range, and the club funcion range may only be used with explicit permission from a club official or when supervised by a club official.

38. Swimming is not advised in Club Pond, only low power electric motor or paddle boats allowed.

39. Do not provide others with you membership gate code.

40. Follow the instructions of ANY club official without delay or argument.


Farmington Fish & Game Club Safety Orientation Video

As part of the new membership process. For your safety and the safety of other club members, you’re required to watch the “Farmington Fish & Game Club Safety Orientation Video” prior to being granted your gate code access to the club. This video is 32 minutes long and covers all of the club safety rules that you need to be aware of prior to using any range facilities at the club. It is extremely important you watch the video in its’ entirety to ensure you do not violate any club rules, as this may cause a revocation of your access and membership! After you watch the video, please certify acknowledgement and that you watched the video by checking the box below. Also below, you will be required to select "yes" and initial to serve as your acknowledgment and agreement that you watched the safety orientation video, agree to follow all club safety rules and club liability waiver below! Once you complete this application process, your membership will be submitted for approval. You will receive an email once you membership has been approved, then you will be able to login and access your gate code by printing your membership badge in your membership portal of the website.

For any questions during the membership sign-up process please email




I/We, do hereby acknowledge, release, and forever discharge Farmington Fish & Game Club, of New Durham, NH, its memebers, guests, directors and officers of and from any and all manner of action and actions, claims, suits, damages, judgements and demands of any kind whatsoever, whether now or in the future, as law or in equity, that results or may result from firearms or subject control products used upon the premises of or from any training or instruction on the use of such firearms and subject control procedures by Farmington Fish & Game Club, its successores, employees, agents and assigns.

I further acknowledge that the use of firearms is an inherently dangerous activity and assume the risks of using and employing firearms or other similar products on the premises of designated training area by Farmington Fish & Game Club, its successors and assigns.

I further acknowledge that the study and application of firearms techniques and subject control procedures are physically demanding and requires that I be in good physical condition, and free of any disability or physical condition that would prohibit my participation.

I hereby certify I have never been convicted of any domestic abuse violence crime, I are am lawfully able to possess firearms in the state of New Hampshire, I have never been convicted of a felony crime, there are no current court, police or legal orders preventing me from possessing firearms in any state, furthermore I am not the subject (defendant) of any protective order, stalking order, or domestic violence order, I have never received a discharge from the armed forces that was NOT honorable.

further acknowledge that I/we have read and understood the foregoing RELEASE OF LIABILITY and ASSUMPTION OF RISK.

Do you accept compliance with the Membership Conditions Safety Rules, Waiver Information, and the Safety Orientation Video?


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