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64 Old Bay Road New Durham, NH 03835

Becoming a New Member

Steps to becoming a New Member Click on & read “Membership” located at the top of the Home Page Menu Bar. Once you understand the process go back to “HOME”. Click “Join” in the “Join the Club” box. Read each...

Gate Codes

It is against Club Rules to share your Gate Code. Gate Codes are obtained only by Members in Good Standing when they renew, New Members when they complete orientation and Life Members when they register. Sharing of your Gate Code may result in the loss of your...

Reminder: Use of the Ranges

  Remember to sign in at the Rifle Range before using the Patterning Range! An excess of spent casings is being found at the ranges. CLEAN UP BEFORE YOU LEAVE!

Handgun Range Safety

Please remember to re-attach the chain after you have come back  from the targets! The chain is there as a safety feature to make someone stop and NOT walk out to the targets while others are shooting!!

Shooting Range Fence

The fence is up & operational! Go to “Photos” and check out the new look at the Club. The fence encloses all Shooting Ranges.  The gate has a 30 second delay before closing allowing time to drive thru. To access the gate enter # and your 4 digit gate...


  PLEASE NOTE! UPDATED DATE FOR DIGGING DUE TO WEATHER!!!   PICK UP & CLEAN UP!! Please be sure to pick up & clean up your spent casings when shooting at either Range. Range Officers are reporting finding .22 ammo left on the floor of both Range...