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64 Old Bay Road New Durham, NH 03835


June 12, 2019
20 Directors/Members in Attendance

Meeting was called to order by Vice President, Mark Fuller at 7:00 p.m.

Pledged allegiance to the flag.

Roll call was read by Mark and accepted.

Secretary’s report for Annual Member’s Meeting held on April 10, 2019 was read and accepted. All in favor.

Treasurer’s report was read by Garrick Locke and accepted.  All in favor. Allan just questioned the amount that was spent on archery.  Garrick will get back to Allan.


Mark mentioned that we had received a notice from the Lake Winnipesaukee Friends of the NRA wanting the club to purchase a table.  We decided not to purchase a table for this event, but if anyone wanted to go from the club Mark had the info.

Mark mentioned the 3-D GSB Archery shoot on June 30th. Hope to expect between 100-125 people.

Thank you to all for everyone who helped out on Clean-Up Day.

Donation was made to the NH Fish & Game Canine Program as a thank you for their participation in Kids Fishing Day.

Mark thanked everyone for their help with Kids Fishing Day.  Garrick said we had lot of volunteers and everyone had a great time, kids were fishing, prizes were awesome and the donations received were exceptional. Garrick presented Janet with a gift card for her work for Kids Fishing Day.

Rose – 12 new members, names were read and accepted. One person wanting to become a member said he had a violation from the NH Fish & Game Dept. – Rose mentioned that one person who wanted to become a member had a Fish and Game violation.  He was straight- forward about his violation that happened quite a long time ago, and was given the membership.  Mike Joy asked what the violation was, but Rose said it had been taken care of and no further info was needed.

Family Memberships:  183

Individual Memberships: 230

Senior Memberships: 369

Life Members: 33

Total Memberships:  815

Total Members: 995

Gate Passes from 5/9/19 – 6/9/19 – 37

Range Usage
Reported by Clarence.

Rifle Range – 143 members, 10 guests and 12 RO visits. and 8. No targets changed. Suggestions:  Add position based shooting.  Add steel targets

Pistol Range –196 members, 19 guests and 15 RO visits. Targets changed  on 5/9/19: 1, 3, 6 and 7 and on 5/10/19: 2, 4. No suggestions.

Chris will work on possibly adding position based shooting.


Dave said all is going good, but the mosquitoes are huge.  Machine and lights are working fine, it would just be good if we could hit what we are shooting at.

Range Officers

Rifle range had no issues. Bob B. found nickels that had been shot up at the pistol range.  Should be shooting at paper only.  11 range officers showed up for clean-up day.  Thanks to all.

Running Deer
Need to pick dates

Brian said first Thursday night shoot went well.  Made $184.00. Allan said on clean-up day they had taken 4 trailer loads of junk from the archery range to the dump.  The range is looking pretty good.  Getting anxious for our first GSB Shoot.  Hope to have shooters from all over the state.  Garrick wanted to know about the start-up cash for the Archery shoots.  How much to begin with.

Kids Fishing Day – Quick post KFD meeting after this meeting.  Will be our 40th next year, maybe we can get more demonstrations from Fish & Game, Trapping, etc.

Fish and Game  – no update.

Pack 859
Waiting to hear back from Lisa Gelinas regarding whether they will use the club or not.  Had a request from the girl scouts to have a bonfire across the street.    We will have their leader come in to discuss the same at the next director’s meeting.

National Wildlife Federation

No update – Tony was not at meeting

Rose said that Adam is workings to make the website more phone friendly.  Membership starting to slow down.

Rose mentioned the NH Trappers Association 65th Annual Rendeveous on August 23 and 24th  at the Belknap Fairgrounds. Tickets are $10.00 each.  Fish & Game fur bearer biologist should be there.  Has lot of very interesting information and set-up.  Someone approached her to see if the FF&G club wanted to have a table set up to promote the club.  We can maybe think about this for next year.

Rose had a flyer from East Central Arms regarding a member’s only 30% off sale on reloading supplies.  Also having a sale on guns.

Hunter’s Safety
Paul Berry said Clarence received his 5th year certificate.  2 members received their 55 year certifications for teaching.

Steve Soucy – new member wanted to know about orientation schedule.  Rose will get him info.

Motion to adjourn.  All in favor.