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64 Old Bay Road New Durham, NH 03835


July 10, 2019
17 Directors/Members in Attendance

Meeting was called to order by President, Bob Chase at 7:00 p.m.

Pledged allegiance to the flag.

Roll call was read by Mark and accepted.

Secretary’s report for Member’s Meeting held on June 12, 2019 was read and accepted. All in favor.

Treasurer’s report was read by Garrick Locke and accepted.  All in favor. Garrick said GSB shoot went well, 51 shooters attended. Total funds amounted to $1,108.00. Will have expenses posted next meeting.  Club did a great job.


Rose – 11 new members, names were read and accepted.

Family Memberships:  184 (368)

Individual Memberships: 234

Senior Memberships: 374

Life Members: 33

Total Memberships:  825

Total Members: 1,009

Gate Passes from 6/10/19 – 7/10/19:  44

Rose also let Clarence, Ed and Chris know that she might not be attending the next orientation. She will have everything ready, however, not sure who will enter info into computer to get gate codes. Chris will not be at orientation, and he does not have remote access to the same.


Dave purchased lots of clay pigeons from Walmart. Container is ¾ full. Machines are working well and everyone is happy.  Usually have around 15 shooters on Tuesdays and around 10 on Saturdays.  These are typically the numbers in the Summer and Winter.

Range Usage

Pistol Range – 186 members, 19 guests, 14 range officer visits. Targets changed on 6/8/19 were 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.

Rifle Range – 93 members, 15 guests, 13 range officer visits. Targets changed on 6/8/19 were 9, 10, 11 and 12. No suggestions.

Patterning Rand – 1 member

People keep leaving money in suggestions box.  How do we get them to stop? Unfortunately no easy way to find out who is doing it.  It is probably guests that are leaving money.  Looks like people are still trying to get into the boxes. Chris is working on divider/bench project for rifle range with member Jamie Taylor and will have more info at next meeting.  Chris thanked the range officers that showed up for clean-up day.  Did a great job.

Range Officers

Rifle/Pistol ranges – no issues. 6 vacant positions. Thanks to all range officers who came out to help on clean up day.  Bob mentioned that Pierre Bakis is a new range officer and was supposed to be introduced by Ed tonight.  Ed was not at meeting, but Pierre introduced himself.  Rose will get pic after meeting.

Running Deer
Need to pick dates

No report

Barry went to GSB around 3 years ago and did not like two of their rules, which was how they draw dates for shoots and that we had to close the range for shooters.  Since then, Barry, Rose, Allan and Janet attended the GSB meetings this year.  Had a great first GSB shoot with 51 shooters, worked out well.  Mentioned that Allan fixed all practice targets.  Still have 15 to put out and will take some time to get them out.  Will be worked on throughout the year.  Brian’s Thursday night shoots are going well.  Barry turned over archery to Allan and Brian and turned over his key to Janet.  Bob thanked Barry for all he has done for archery.  Garrick mentioned the only issue with the winter shoots is how quickly we have to notify shooters if a shoot will be cancelled due to the weather.  Has to be a last minute decision.  Allan said we would need to call Mike May of GSB and they would put it on their website.

Pack 859
Waiting to hear back from Lisa Gelinas regarding whether they will use the club or not.

Girl Scouts
They are all set for their bonfire.

National Wildlife Federation
Tony attended last meeting.  Two members were reinstated. It was brought u to have the legislators choose hunting seasons instead of NH Fish & Game.  Tony won $599 at the banquet and gave it all to the Tony Ford Charity.

Has been very quiet..

Barry Camp
Rose received notice from one parent to send a girl in 2020.  Need to know by November meeting who will be attending.  Rose will get together with Christy to discuss the same.

Hunter’s Safety
Paul Berry said that Hunter Safety dates are all set.  You can go to website and sign up on July 15, 2019. Said there is a budget issue with the State and not sure he will be able to get all the materials needed for Hunter Safety.

Mark thanked Garrick for building a fire pit for the girl scouts.

Garrick is a member of the American Legion and said that the Legion is celebrating their 100th anniversary. They are raffling off a Henry Rifle.  There will only be 100 made and the one he has to raffle off is serial #001.  $20 per ticket or 3 for $50.  See Garrick if you are interested in purchasing a raffle ticket.

Clarence mentioned that he saw George Cripps, seems frail, but doing ok and he seems happy.

Motion to adjourn.  All in favor.