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64 Old Bay Road New Durham, NH 03835


February 13, 2019

20 Directors/Members in Attendance

Meeting was called to order by President, Bob Chase at 7:00 p.m.

Pledged allegiance to the flag.

Roll call was read and accepted. Brian stepped in for Mark as he was out of town.

Secretary’s report for Member’s Meeting on January 9 2019 was read and accepted. All in favor. Clarification of secretary’s report – GSB sanctioned shoots will be 30 target shoots. That is what is required for these shoots.  Barry might also do some special shoots after sanctioned shoots.

Treasurer’s report was read by Garrick Locke and accepted.  All in favor.


Rose – 17 new memberships (7 individual, 5 family and 5 senior) Rose read list of new members, all were accepted and all in favor.  To date we have a total of 867 paid members.

Range Usage

Rifle Range – 57 members, 8 guests and 14 RO visits. No targets changed. No suggestions.

Pistol Range – 87 members, 13 guests and 15 RO visits. Tony Ford changed targets 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8 on 1/31/19. No suggestions.

Running low on foam targets and will probably need to order in March or April. There was a discussion to determine the best way to buy the foam. In large sheets or purchased already cut.  Consensus was that we should buy large sheets and cut them ourselves, since they charge $2.00 for each cut.  When Chris orders the foam for the targets, he will keep Ernie in the loop.

Pattern range – no usage.

Range Officers

One incident was reported.  Member was spoke to about not having his card on him. Clarence verified with Rose that he was a member.  Member said he would have someone help him print his card.

Bob thanked Adam Painchaud for the training he gave to the Range Officers. Clarence and Ed also said that the training was exceptional.

9 Range Officers – 5 vacancies – Clarence spoke to Zack and he said he will get his membership taken care of when he has the funds to do it.  Mike Hoffman is in Florida and therefore will not around the range until he returns.


Dave snowed last night so skeet was cancelled. Bill was good enough to go down and keep the fire going.  Only a few shooters on Saturday because of the weather, it was just too cold.  He will work on trap machine when it gets warmer.  Everything else is going well.  Still have lots of clays, but will have to get into stash before too long.  Also, it was asked how people find out if skeet has been cancelled.  Usually the same people shoot skeet, so they can call Dave or Dave will call them.

Kids Fishing Day – will bring up again when Mark is back in town. We should be thinking about this soon and there is lots of preparation beforehand.

Fish and Game  – no update.

Pack 859 – no update
Dam – no update.

National Wildlife Federation

Bob reminded everyone that the club is still looking for 2 volunteers to attend the National Wildlife Federation meetings.

Rose said no report.  All is well.


Chet Kania was not in attendance, but Mike Joy filled in for him regarding the nominations for Executive Board of Directors.  Mike went down through the current nominations. Bob nominated Adam Painchaud for Director and Adam accepted the nomination.  Rose nominated Christine Painchaud for Director and Christine accepted the nomination. Mike asked if there were any other nominations at this time, being none, the Ballot is closed.

Reminder that the Annual meeting is March 27th.  Director’s meeting is still the first Wednesday of March.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 7:40 p.m.