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64 Old Bay Road New Durham, NH 03835


October 10, 2018

Approximately 27 Members in Attendance

Meeting was called to order by President, Bob Chase at 7:00 p.m.

Pledged allegiance to the flag.

Roll call was read and accepted.

Secretary’s report for Member’s Meeting on September 13, 2018 was read and accepted. All in favor.

Treasurer’s report was read. Garrett asked if the gate panel was covered under insurance.  The first time we had a problem it was replaced, however, we paid for the second one.  Ernie did not know what the our deductible is.  Would like to have one available if necessary, but no one keeps them in stock.  Janet asked about the income from the running deer shoot in September. Ernie said it will be in the October report as he has not gotten to the bank.  Report was read and accepted.  All in favor.


Wayne Butler’s grandson was there to thank the club for sending him to Camp Berry for two years.  Had a great time, enjoyed the fishing.  We were all happy that he had an enjoyable experience.

Guest Passes from 9/11 to 10/08 we sold 28. Membership is up to 1,045.  New members should go to orientation in October.


Dave Smith – Skeet was great last night (10/9), new shooters, everything is working well, so far, so good. Have enough clays for a year, but wants to keep the trailer full.

Range Usage
Skeet –. No Report.

Pistol Range – 160 members, 18 guests and 18 RO visits. Targets 4, 5, 7 and 8 were changed on 9/13 and targets 2 and 3 were changes on 9/20

Patterning Range – No usage reported, target changed.

Rifle Range – 175 members, 9 guest and 19 RO visits. No targets changed.

Range Officers

Ed said no reported issues for the month.  They have 11 RO, 1 in training and 5 vacancies.  Clarence and I would like to thank all of the RO for all they do to keep the ranges safe. Ed Auetlla repaired the target at the patterning range.  Training by E3 for RO is scheduled for 1/12/19 from 9 to 3. Emails will be going out.  Winter caps should be available by November.  Reminder: When using the patterning range you should sign in at the rifer range.

Archery – Barry – Allan and Barry have been looking into pricing out new targets, practice targets as well as 3D targets.  Some of our targets are so bad you cannot even see the scoring rings.  We need a minimum of 7 3D targets.  Going to check on-line as well with Coyote Creek to see what pricing he can get.  Would like to have a vote to allow them to spend up to $1,500 on new targets.  Ed Robinson said that he would like to make a motion that they are allowed up to $2,000.00 for practice targets and 3D targets.  Motion was seconded and all in agreement.  Also need some rebar shooting stakes, wood is not working out.  A minimum of 3’ tall. Dave said that he may have some rebar, as well as Mark may be able to get some as well.  If we get involved with Granite State Bowhunters they require 5 shooting stakes at each station.  Barry, Allan and others will attend the Granite State Bowhunters meeting in January.  May be able to have more shoots, but shoots are always on Sundays and may coincide with Holidays.  We may also have some winter shoots as well.  Beth from Seacoast Friends of NRA mentioned that we could possibly get grant money from them for the new targets at the archery range.  She will send Rose information on how to submit a grant and when to submit the same.  Ernie questioned how long it would take to get funds if we are approved.  We should get what we need now and then we will be reimbursed by any grant funds we can get.

Fish and Game

Barry – Fish and Game has received a request to finish an access road in Twin Mountain to access over 2,000 acres of hunting land. (Woodcock habitat), however, it does not seen like great Woodcock habitat, but good for other birds, deer and bear.  F&G will be looking at Birch Ridge as well.

Birch Ridge Steering Committee
Janet mentioned that there is a visioning session on November 1 from 6:15 to 8:30 regarding Birch Ridge.  It would be great if we can get as many people from the club and the community to attend.  Need to ensure that hunting is going to a part of their plan.

Running Deer

Bill – All is going well with the running deer.  Few repairs needed to the deer but have been done.  Thanks to Allan and Janet for the help. Also, lots of people like the patterning range.

Pack 859
No news as Scott Goodspeed will be coming to the next board of director’s meeting in November.

National Wildlife Federation

No news as we do not have a representative from the Club.  If anyone is interested, please see any of the executive board.

All is well with the website and facebook.  Renewals are going well. 5-8 renewals per day, life members as well.


Mark said no news on dam.  If anyone has not noticed, the stairs, overhang and ramp has been completed.

Adam and Christy Painchaud were present and are excited to come to the Executive Board with new class ideas and dates.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:00 p.m.