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64 Old Bay Road New Durham, NH 03835


June 13, 2018

27 Members in Attendance

Meeting was called to order by President Bob Chase at 7:00 p.m.

Pledged allegiance to the flag.

Roll call was read and accepted.

Secretary’s report for Member’s Meeting on May 9, 2018 was read and accepted. All in favor.

Treasurer’s report was read and accepted. All in favor.


18 new members. Total of 1,003 members. List of new members was read and accepted, All in favor. Clarence asked about family memberships and what was the determination regarding both husband and wife going to orientation.  Rose mentioned that it is now on the website when there is a family membership that both have to take orientation prior to being able to access the club.  Clarence said he has heard that there are some wives that have no intention of going to orientation.   You can sign up with your name and your children’s names. You have to put some info on the form when you sign up.  However you sign up will be on your ID card.  Wives cannot come to the club or bring their children until she takes the orientation.  Rose will check with Adam regarding the website.  Garrett also mentioned that kids have to come with a grown up and it has to be a spouse that has gone to orientation.  Rose will change a new member to a full member once all family members take orientation so they can use their gate code.  They can then print out their ID cards.   If it’s a family membership, the wives have to go to orientation.  It was voted that the spouse who cannot make orientation will have to respond to Rose.


Dave Smith said that skeet is crazy busy. It was so busy on Tuesday that there were only a few more slots on the sign up sheet.  25 last night, but usually 10-15. Lots of new shooters.  90% are members. 4 last night were not members.  Dave mentioned that it should be on website that you do not have to be a member to shoot skeet.  Rose said that it is on the website and read exactly what the website said.

Range Usage
Skeet – 66 shooters, 59 members, 7 non-members. 168 rounds, 4,200 clays. 532 members and 68 guests for the month.

Rifle Range – 140 members, 19 guests, and 27 range officer visits. No targets changed. Painted a firing line on rifle range. No suggestions in the suggestion box.

Pistol – 178 members, 19 guests, 32 range officer visits and targets 7 and 8 were changed.  Metal chain link was replaced for lighter plastic coated metal chain in hopes that people will use it. Ed Robinson said the chain is always an issue and is always on the ground. He asked Rose to put a reminder on the website to use the safety chain.  Also, there will be a red line in back of each station at the pistol and rifle range for safety reasons.

Pack 859
Janet has asked them to let us know the date they will be needing for the crossover in August.  Also, they need to email Janet when they will use the field across the street.

Range Officer Report.
Range officer change – George Morgan is no longer a range officer because of failing health issues. Clarence thanked him for all of his years of service.  Clarence will update the list of range officers, they are down 5 range officers. If anyone is interested in becoming a range officer please contact Clarence or Ed.  Paul needs to get picture taken.  If he refuses, he will no longer be a range officer.


Barry would like permission to have $75.00 -$150.00 for ad regarding the archery shoot in September. He would also like to spend $100.00 or less for new 3-D target.  Archery shoot on 9/7/18 is a traditional shoot.

Running Deer.

Will take place on Sundays in September and October.  Usually 9-12.  Hunter safety is held on 9/9. Running deer will be 9/9, 9/16, 9/23 and 9/30, 10/7, 10/14, 10/21 and 10/28.  No black powder shoots.  Chet suggested that we incorporate the running deer shoots into the archery shoot and to save some money.  Any prizes for running deer shoot? Lou said bragging rights. Charge for the day if $10.00.  Rose will post on the website.

Kids Fishing Day.

Mark said we had about 90 children and all left with a prize. Gave out 2 bikes per age group. Every child got lunch. Had a great day.  Fish and Game officers Arsenault and Benvenuti gave a great demo with he dog.  Big hit with adults and children. They are looking forward to do a larger demo and program next year.  Some adults complained about the shooting noise because they could not really hear with the F&G officers were talking about.  Hope to have a speaker system next year. Rose did all of the thank you cards to the sponsors as well as the F&G officers.  They are looking forward to next spring.

Dam Report.

No real news to report.

National Wildlife Federation

Still need representatives.  Rose spoke to someone at the last meeting and she will follow up with him to see if he is still interested.


Things are going great. We should be all set for 2019 membership sign-up as of 10/1. Facebook has been quiet.  Received a few emails for beavers under someone’s porch.  Rose suggested calling the Fish and Game.
NH Fish and Game News
Barry was not present – no update.

Other News:

Mark mentioned that the chain link fence was finished.  A small portion of the split rail fence still has to be completed.  Mentioned that he was going to see what it could cost to see about a brush hog, however, he was going to speak with the Town to see if they could help us out when they rented it for the town. He would see what it would cost to rent.

Seacoast Friends of NRA:

Beth said there were approximately 260 people in attendance and brought in $30,000.00. $15,000 stays in the State for grants to promote shooting sports.

Ellis Hatch- a life member just passed away. Terry Nickerson dropped off sympathy card for members of the FF&G club to sign.

The Executive Committee is working on some things for the club and will probably present them within the next few meetings.

Ed Robinson mentioned that the range officers should keep July 14 open for training that day.  He will send out e-mail related to the same.  Also, if any of the range officers purchase items to be used at the club, keep receipt and give to Ernie to get reimbursed.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 8:00 p.m.