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64 Old Bay Road New Durham, NH 03835

Minutes For the Meeting of August 8th, 2018
There were 26 members in attendance.
-Meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by President Bob Chase.
-Pledged allegiance to the flag.
-Role call was read and accepted.
-Secretaries report was read and accepted.
-Treasurers report was read and accepted. (See attached sheet.)
-Membership report was read and accepted, there were 9 new members bringing the
total to 1022.
-Skeet, Dave said it’s going fine, it’s been busy and they’re going through clays like
crazy but still hasn’t dipped into the stock in the container.
-Range Usage, Pistol, there were 178 members, 17 guests and 18 range officer visits.
Rifle there were 152 members, 12 guests and 15 range officer visits.
Skeet, there were 100 members, 10 non members, they shot 214 rounds and 5350
-Range Officers, Clarence said there were no issues that they witnessed, there is one
possible issue they’re investigating.
-Clarence ordered new lanyards.
-New Business.
-Mark said the dam has a bunch of debris in there so he hired a company to come and
remove it with an excavator. He also said at the beginning of september there will be a
company coming in to clean up dead trees across from the pistol range. In a few weeks
the stairs, ramp and overhang will be replaced.
-Meeting was adjourned at 7:29pm.